Greece's agenda to combat cancer

Every year, cancer remains the main cause of millions of deaths globally. Extensive research and clinical practice is ongoing and much progress has been accomplished in the medical field as cancer treatment remains diverse and evolves rapidly. Still, there are multiple issues that must be addressed in order to improve cancer therapy. Although new technologies are being introduced every year, the battle against cancer has yet to end.

Taking into account the increasing number of cancer patients and growth of cancer survivors, cancer treatment lies at the very center of health research to date. Where does Europe and Greece in particular stand?

It is against this setting, that The Economist Impact has great pleasure in announcing the organisation of its third Annual event entitled “Greece’s agenda to combat cancer” which has been scheduled to take place on March 7th 2023 in Athens. Prominent oncologists from Greece and abroad, key stakeholders and patients will take part in a meaningful and in depth conversation on what has improved and what still needs to be tackled in order to achieve positive results.

HeALC (ΕΛΕΚΑΠ) is extremely proud to vouch for this highly potential game-changing initiative as a Supporting Organisation.