The Economist Impact - 4th Summit Europe’s determination to fight cancer and Greece’s progress

Ultimately, the Hellenic Association of Lung CancerHeALC (Ελληνική Εταιρεία Καρκίνου Πνεύμονα – ΕΛΕΚΑΠ) aims to catalyze significant advancements in cancer research and treatment. Therefore, it is implicit that for the fourth consecutive year, we extend our commitment as a supporting organisation for The Economist Impact’s  Fourth Annual Cancer Summit, entitled “Europe’s determination to fight cancer and Greece’s progress”
Make sure you reserve time on your schedule and calendar for March 12th 2024.
An exclusive platform bringing together experts, policymakers, and healthcare professionals will evaluate Greece’s progress, exchange insights, and collaboratively influence the direction of the National cancer treatment strategy.
Please explore the event’s website for more information here